HVAC Repair


ServiceTechPros.com, LLC is here when you need us. We always have a customer service representative that will be happy to take your call and rescue you from the Florida heat. We understand that the event leading up to you contacting SERVICE TECH PROS can be stressful, so you can be sure we’ll answer your call in a courteous manner and resolve your HVAC problem as quickly as possible.

Competitive Rates

We are here to fix your problem and offer you piece of mind, not break the bank, so we guarantee quality service and maintain competitive rates. We are upfront with our charges and strive to keep our customers informed every step of the way – from the first call to us coming out to complete the service or repair.

AC repairs

Certified Service Technicians

Our expert technicians are certified in the latest modern AC repairs and attend all the ongoing training required by the manufacture, city and state codes. SERVICE TECH PROS technicians have the experience, skills and tools to fix even the most complicated HVAC problems.

Signs you might need to call SearviceTechPros for HVAC repair

  • It's not cooling the room anymore - When your ac unit stops generating cold air or slows dramatically it's a sign it needs to be serviced. Reasons may vary from dirty air filters to malfunctioning parts and hardware.
  • Alarming smells and or noises - Overheating electrical components could be causing the smell, while a poorly lubricated central air fan motor or a loose fan belt could be the cause for the strange noises. Things like this need to be addressed right away before they turn into a bigger and more costly problem down the road.
  • Moisture around or near your system - This problem could be caused by something as simple as a blocked drain tube, or could be a more serious problem like a refrigerator leak. Leaking refrigerant can cause harm to the unit, humans and the environment.

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